Creative reactions to uncertain times


Questions about the book

When will the collection be published?

May 2018

Who are the authors and illustrators contributing to the book?

Please check out our list of contributors here. Some surprise announcements will be added later!

Will there be a physical book or just a digital download?

Alt-Write: creative reactions to uncertain times will be published as a real physical paperback book with a full colour cover and black and white illustrations. There will also be a digital download version available.

Questions about the crowdfunding campaign

Why are you using IndieGoGo?

We originally planned to run the campaign through Kickstarter but we encountered an unexpected issue. If we are fortunate enough to exceed our campaign goal we wanted to donate any additional funds directly to our chosen charity. Because Kickstarter isn't intended to be a fundraising platform, this isn't something they allow. Using Indigogo gives us that option.

How much money do you need to raise to make the book?

We hope to raise £13,000. This will cover production costs, professional services, and marketing and promotion. All the contributors are donating their work, and will receive one copy of the final book. The editors are also donating their time.